Diagnostic Capabilities


We have complete in-house capabilities with three types of Digital Radiography

Digital Intra-Oral Scanning

Instead of using traditional impressions, we now use Digital Intra-Oral Scanning. This uses a high speed camera and mapping software to capture a very precise representation of the mouth. Most patients are fascinated by the views of their mouths and find it more comfortable than traditional impressions.This type of scan yields much greater precision, and can be used immediately by our dental laboratory.

Merging CBCT data with Intra-Oral Scans

CBCT scans can be merged with an Intra-Oral Scan in our specialized Implant Planning software package “Implant StudioTM“ which has the ability to produce 3D Printed models, Surgical Guides, Virtual Placement of implants in a model and Provisional Restorations. In short this allows us to evaluate the possibilities and then to move your case forwards quickly and effectively!